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final fantasy x2 — rikku drawn ♡
iPhone. Yay or nay? OR should I say AT&T... yay or nay?

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verizon ftw. but the iphone is so preeeety. haha

oh i know! i just feel like i'm paying too much for verizon and not getting that much, y'know?

oh? well i guess we have a family plan, so its worth it. plus my calls never get dropped. iphones seem sweet, though.

More of a T-Mobile guy myself... :E

I've looked at one of their phones too. I'm just so confused, I really didn't think picking a cellphone provider would be so hard, LOL.

You won't have a problem on the eastern seaboard with service. You'll pay about 100 dollars a month, if you can afford that and if you will use it then it is worth it.

I use mine daily. I never use the voice plan that, I have about 4,000 rollover minutes. I haven't had a problem with AT&T, but I haven't really had to do anything significant with the plan or anything. Verizon are a bunch of cunts, T-Mobile is pretty decent.

Do you find yourself using the iPhone for all the neat gadgets? Or more as just a phone?

I use it as a portable computer. Games, Internet and texting are my primary uses. I'm using it to post this message.

Ok, one more question then I'm done being annoying. If I just get the 3G, not the 3GS... will I notice its slower? I played with them in the store, 3GS is clearly faster (duh) but the 3G seemed just fine. I don't know. People are saying don't bother now, just wait until 2010 when the really nice one is supposed to come out or something.

It's only 100 more. I'm getting one, because my 3g is broken.

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